Friday, October 29, 2010

A word of BUSY!!

Halow to everyone!!love to see u here again. How are u?Hope you all great in everything. I am not really good. Its been a week and five days my throat not so comfortable and made coughing all the time. Hate it much. Nda kuat kali doa saya nie hehe..Well, at this moment, im not going to talk about my health but what had done to me this week.

I am a bit shocked that today is Friday. i feel that the time pass by so fast. Well, this statement actually i heard from a friend today but i do agree what she talked because i feel the same way of her. Usually, when people comes to this condition, they might facing the condition that we call BUSY. Come to the school at noon. If there is no class at the beginning period, then find a friend to go to the canteen to have lunch or minum-minum kupi (i like this sentence, one of my friend always using this in my university's life). After that, enter to the class, teaching. In staffroom, sitting on my chair (of course la xkan d lantai, wahaha) and doing work. Uoowh,,everyday with this way, made me Oowh rajin juga saya ni.kenen.haha. But actually, this is my routine at school. Sometimes, i wonder why some workmates cerita-cerita panjang. Seems they dont have any work to be done. Me??mcm x pernah abis kerja.adaa sejaa..

Next week will be the examination for semester two. and for this time, i need to prepare science paper 2 (form 1) and and math paper 2 (form 2). Thank you Lord because for the science i just use 2009's paper exam. So, xda pusing-pusing kepala mencari soalan,hihi. The Mathematic also, PPD already prepared the questions. This part, i lega. But, when i came to the part mengelip kertas. Uooohh!!!Segala sendi terasa mau jatuh.hahaha.di tangan saja la. Klip kertas utk dua subjek.aduh!!klu utk 20-30 org okey lagi. ni utk 300 org pelajar. tapi tabah juga la pigi mengelip kertas.haha. So enjoy because the other teachers also did the same work.  Today, the part mengelip kertas was done and i am so happy.kunun...

Me also so busy with my activity at class. I gave my students test chapter by chapter as their revision. And i carried it out with no open book, no discussion and everything exactly the same as real exam...lepas test, naahhh!!sana lagi saya marking. smpai ada kwn ckp, aii awal juga ko pnya paper abis??hahaha..saya tersenyum seja.tp dlm hati cakap..besala org rajin bukan mcm kau..ahaha..aiseh!!inda bei!!mau ambl feel marking baa kenen.haha..mls sda mau english2 nie.haha.masa saya bagi test, adoii,,tersangat la saya faham style2 pelajar yg meniru.nah kedapatan terus bah!apa lagi, sebab mcm exam sa buat, i rampas ja kertas soalan. ahahaha...keluh segala-gala, inda dpt buat apa2 lagi student tue. and saya mula bfikir, tegaskah saya masa dlm kelas??haha.sbb ada dua org student pigi ckp face to face. "sir, jan terlampau tegas ba, senyum sikit". nah, ini dia bilg. well, mana boleh sigu x tegas dlm kelas kmu ni, terlampau jajal..tp honestly, sa mimang x mau main2 dlm kelas tu sebab kepala pelajar dan segala-galanya pndai mbesar.hihi. jadi, spya nda dipijak, terpaksalah saya menegaskan diri..

Kelmarin, saya denda dua org pelajar.masuk2 ja sa dlm kelas, sa panggil nama dan suru dorg injut 20 kali. then, saya tanya mereka knpa didenda.salah seorang ckp, "sebab kemarin kami balik awal". nah mimang btl apa katanya. sungguh xda hormat langsung sma teacher smpai balik tnpa bgtau dan lebih2 lagi masa pulang belum smpai...apa lagi,,denda trs!! dua org ni selalu jadi mangsa denda di dalam kelas.beberapa kali sda didenda lap cermin kerna kerja rumah tidak siap...

selain ini, ada beberapa lg hal yg buat sa sentiasa busy minggu ini. nant ari minggu malam saya smbg balik ya!

Students sedang ujian. sempat jg saya snap.hihi
ah ni la soalan2 yg telah disusun dan seterusnya diclip.penat tangan..
ehm, ok laa nnt smbg lagi. lepas ni mau balik kg. bisuk pigi kg siudon, anty kawin. mlas mau drive da tp terpaksa laini sbb kena bertolak dr kg juga bwa family naik OYENku...babai!.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thanx for being with me everyday Lord!

Hi its been a week i never update my blog. By the way, how are doing dude?Hopefully you are in a marvelous condition and wishing you all happy online (you are online now) and happy reading my blog. Thank you a lot for visiting and taking your time to stay reading my blog.

I woke up today with a bit unwell. My head got "pening-pening lalat". Probably because i do not have enough sleep last night. I get my sleep on 4.00 am. Today, as last Saturday, I'm gonna attend a PMM Conference rehearsal  at SIB Taginambur on 2.00 pm. But maybe i will be there a little bit late because Im gonna attend my friend's wedding at Kg. Lingkodon. She is my workmate and racily Bajau. She is the second person to be getting married among us (my batch posted at school). Me?uohh....Not Now. Im gonna going out to somewhere a.k.a travelling to nearest country before i step up to that level. (i type this last Saturday but still incomplete and was not posted so i will not delete or change anything)

Last Monday, i was told by my sister that my Dad was in hospital (kana tahan ba gea). I am so sad because this is the second time, he gonna stay at hospital due to his blood positive with "Tibi". The first was because of Malaria. I didn't manage to see my dad on that day and been there on the following day. My dad will be there for two months maybe. But i do hope his blood will negative to the tibi after the examination (day 14). God, stay out my father from this disease and keep him healthy day to day. Heal and keep up him everyday! Tomorrow, im going to buy a medicine form Cosway (do not remember the name of the medicine). Hopefully, it will help to reduce the tibi bacteria in my dad's lung. And of course, im going out there with my girl  tomorrow to go to the Kadai!!hihi

Last week, i manage to "balik kampung" two times. and im feel so happy. The first was on Wednesday and the second time was yesterday. This week also gonna be at kampung on Friday night because need to be at Kg Siudon on Saturday to attend my aunt's big day. Kg Siudon is my grandfather's village (mum's side). Kg Siudon located at Pandasan Kota Belud near the Kg Bungaliu. The centre of "jual-jual" or well known as "Tamu Ari Dua or badi". I have so many cousins, nephews, aunties, uncles and relative there,but unfortunately i didn't manage to know them well. and more badly, i even do not know them because most of them i never meet face to face. I only know their name because my mum told me. hahaha. So, this weekend, im gonna use the chance to know and getting know them closely. Wait ya my kerabat~~.hihi
Below is my cousin photo Lustijoe and Ida (Sorry for uploading ur photo here)

Lustijoe and his younger sister


Okeylaa..will c u next time on my next post. Need to mark my student's exercise book now and if got the extra energy, i will try to do my lesson plan. lalalalalaa~~. One week undone and untouch oowhhhh!!!!hohoho. All the best to me lar!hahhaa...for teachers, dont try at school or home ya!hahahaha. Do not be a procrastinator!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am in DILEMMA right now!!

Hallo!Good evening. Hope everything went smoothly today. Today im going to give out what was in my mind along this week in this post. More than 70%, this matter flying around in my head and never stop swim and fly until now.

Last June, a teacher from morning session came to me. She is married and now have two little daughters. She is teaching Biology and Science Form 4 and Form 5. Well, she asked me to 'berganti' with her. Mean,she want to replace me in afternoon session and me, replace her in morning session. But, because i already 'sebati' with my students, i decided to say NO, I DON'T. Moreover, that month was in the middle of the year. So, i dont want to  repeat EARLY YEAR'S SITUATION for the new morning classes. I said to her, "beginilah,sekarang saya tidak mau pigi pagi, sebab pertengahan tahun suda, emm,nanti laa alang2 nnt kita bincang hjg tahun untuk tahun depan pnya.". So, she agreed and we carry on the current class. So, current month is October already. The Panitia Leaders is begin to ask which classes and who teaches the class.

Last Tuesday, the teacher asked me again about the 'pertukaran'. So, im blur, blur and blur. I cant do the decision. So, i said to her, give me chance to think again until this week and i will tell you on Friday. She agreed. On that time, i got the chance to say, if i wont,would you mind it?Then, she laugh and said,"saya mau juga,hahaha". and i replied her with more loudly laughing. Okey, let me think first. I will tell you on Friday.

Today is Thursday. I have to tell her my decision tomorrow. And now, i am currently BENGONG. What is my decision huh?Really, i am serious, i dont have the confirm decision right now. Jadi apala sa mau cakap sma dia ni bisuk.hahaha..When i was at school today, leaders fromMathematic Panitia asked me to still teach my math class this year on next year. That is mean, im going to teach examination class next year for the first time.And you know, i am really refuse with that. So many feeling inside my heart. Two of them are, i am afraid the best result become not really good. and also, there are so many 'anak guru' in that class. So,ini kali yg bikin sa worried nie. Maybe, this is a shocked for me as this is my first time to take over the class.

So,which is my decision? Going up to morning session or staying at afternoon session and teach examination class??hohohohohooooo...CURRENTLY, I AM TOTALY LOST RIGHT NOW....

For tonight, thatz all..Hopefully, God will give the best choice through dream!
Good nite all!

This is my workplace. My first school as a teacher. Posted here on Nov 10, 2008 and came to this school on Now 14,2010.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hahahahahaha...first of all,give me excuse..i wanna laugh..hahahhahahahaha...
my goshhhh..regarding to the title above, what is confirm actually?hahaa.my God. Thank you Lord. my dream will be come true next year. Actaully, now i am so happy. You know what? i just bought 4 flight tickets from Kota Kinabalu to Philipine. and the exploration will be on 15 June -19 June 2011. I still dont believe that i already bought the tickets. Thank you Banochez for messaging me last night about the promotion price by AirAsia. HOT HOT HOT HOT price!!!Now and on before the time comes, 'research' must implemented about the place. This is ensure this journey will become more meaningful and remain still in our memory. Okey, Oscar, Rickie and Oliver,,kamoonn guysss..kita xpaya tidur d hotel.tidur d siring2 jalan saja,tp jgn, tdur sma Mcbook and DSLR.hahhahaa.Oowh, how pump me now!!ahhaha..So, excited!!pdhal lama lg tu baaa..hahhahahahahahhaa..i

But, anyway, thank you Lord Jesus for letting us meeting with this plan and now we are considerably in WAITING MODE. Waiting for the time to be come true, true and true..hahaha..i like!!

As my memory for 10 years later from now maybe, i wanna upload the picture that shows everything about the flight to Clark, Philipine!!Jose Rizal, here i come!!haha..pump..

Payment process=>PAID

Status: Confirm..flyyyyyyy

End of syllabus

Hello to everyone. Hope u all good in health, good emotion, and good in everything. wish you all, happy dinner (i just took my dinner,hehe)

Today im gonna 'story-story' about Mathematic subject Form 2 that i teach now. 9 months ago, i was appointed to teach this subject. There is reason why. At first, 'they' gave me form 1 class but because of some reason, i have to leave my form 1 class to other teacher due to some reason. So, i just receive and accept my new class for math, 2A Actually, im just ready to teach on Math Form 1 but Math form 2, im not.. mungkin sebab sudah terlampau lama x 'berkawan' dengan Math. Imagine, my last 'date' for mathematic was about 6 years ago. that was in 2003. after that, i never touch math due my course at ums was education with science. i just learnt all about chemistry and biology. NO MATH,OKAY. haha..That is why i refuse to accept the offer to teach math at fisrt even some peoples think like this, 'alaaaaaa,sinang saja ba math, form 2 seja pun'.adeeehhh!!xtau la if u are in mine condition. But, as a teacher, that was the challenge to be faced. In university, we are told many times by education school lecturers. So, with no objection, 'baa,kasi buli saja laini, klu teda lg guru lain'.haha. pdhal, in my heart, adoiiiii....

Now is October already. You know what? i manage to teach all the chapters and today, my last chapter that is Statistic was done. Tidak ku sangka, akhirnya, abis suda saya ajar. semua pun lega dlm kelas tadi. Me also sangat lega. But for student, they have to revise again from the early chapter until last. Final exam is around the corner. Now, i only has two weeks to carry revision activity. my hope, all my students get their well achievement in math.

So, those out there, we have to try. we have to trust and believe in ourself that we can do the best. ada pepatah,' when there is a will,..............................(fill in the blank). If we consider the task given to us,'owhh,saya tidak dapat buat, nda pndai sda'...o men,please get up, stand up. You can do men!! Sometimes, we have to force ourself to do something. hehehe..

Okey laaa..mcm melalut suda saya.haha. all above are from kolosz's brain and heart. i just translate here as a writing.okey la..il stop here, dont have idea suda..c u next post!

part of my students,2 Mawar. they are so happy go lucky students!

naughty mimang naught!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SMKN Choir 2010 (ep1)

Hi Good midnight to all.hehe. i am still awake and wanna drop a post about my choir team at my school. Well, about 9 years ago, when i was at my secondary school, form 3 at that time. A friend Richard (now a teacher), invite me to join Semtasi choir club. So, without any rejection, i accept it and always with him in many performance either at school or outside. i join this club for 3 years until i get out from Semtasi in the year of 2002. 3 years with this club, gave me a lot of experiences about this field and the knowledge are super duper valuable for me. i learnt so many things about choir. Vocal arrangement with soprano, alto, tenor and bass, unity, commitment, being on-time, paying full attention and so many more. All these things i tinggalkan when KPM offer me to futher study at LMC in Life Science Program. But, x sangka....i get involved with choir again when Mr. Emanuel (Lecturer P.Moral) and the other lecturers organizing a choir competition among Moral Classes at LMC. So, apalagi..hahaha..i jd conductor for my tutoran and u know who won the competition?hahaha..u know it!haha..of course my team..itula alkisah penglibatan i dlm koir.after finish at LMC, i get an offer from UMS in the following year 2004 in Education course. So, di sini laa saya terkasi tinggal bidang ini.4 years at UMS with lost chemistry connection of the Tenor (my voice).haha.....

So, when i posted at SMKN, waaa...ladang anytime saja dikuningkan.haha. First year, i just tolong2 the teachers who handle the choir team. Vocal arrangement done already.tinggal face expression ja lg yg belum. so, i get the chance and teach them. Huh...ternyata,masi boleh pakai pula ilmu koir ku dlu.haha.........

To be continued....my pillow call me..Before that, lets take a look several pictures of choir team 2009....enjoy!

Laura, Vanesa & Kevien

Meon, brandon and the gengs

Almona n Max

Thats how to sing!Open mouth!!

Gud job Meon!

Attending friend's Graduation Day (10.10.2010, Sunday)

Leaving my class too early because of............

Hi..to all readers. Hope u all well in condition. Thank you God for today. You surround me with your shelter and keep me stay healthy.

Today, i suppose to be at school at 7.00pm because this is last paper for all candidates that took BKD subject. But you know, my horn grew so fast last morning haha. So, i decided to be just at my bed and continued my sleep until 8.00 am..too lazy to be early at school today. Im sorry Pol (not real name). You understand why.hehe.

My nice morning filled with my "kerajinan". Kitchen, toiled, bathroom and my room get cleaned by koloz's hand. After all finished, i get down from my place to my car park and started to wash my car. Wow,datang kerajinan kan, so i used it for better current life.haha..

As usual, i went to school at 12.15pm. Im so hungry when i arrived at school and then directly went to canteen with my friend, Risson (sory to mention ur name here,hehe). We enjoyed our meal, "Nasi Chap Choi  with milo ice". This is my favourite food at SMKN since i was here about 2 years ago..

1.25pm...i went in to my class 2 Mawar. Well as i promised to them, i will give them punishment if their homework incomplete or undone. so, i checked their book one by one. and the result is, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED with them. Only 2 out of 26 students in the class done their homework completely. So, i give them some "talk" bla bla bla bla bla..and in the same time i gave them a little advices to make them realize that EXERCISES was very important for empowering mathematic. So because my mode not really good, i decided to postpone my promise to be done on tomorrow. means, i gave them chance to finish their work. How kind me, right?haha.but,, SIAP KALAU KMU X SIAP..haha.btw, i love this class baa..i just hoping that you all will be an excellent student not only in my subject but in all subjects.Let it be!! Then, i leave the class. The very funny funny thing is, when i look on my teaching timetable, my time at 2A is until rest, 3.00pm. but at that time was baruuuu pukulll 2.30pm...aiiiiikkkkkkk!!!!????hahaha..apaakaa???knpa saya keluar awal pula?hahahahhahahahahaa..adoiiiiiiiiii....the sign of my coming 25 years???o noooo..but,,whatevaa~~~~haha

After rest time, "huh"...if i have another option, i wont be in this class. They were too naughty. everytime i came in to this class, SAYA SELALU MARAH-MARAH.Why??adoiiii..so many "mouth" in this class. I said, "please dont do that, dont do this,but they remain on their naughtiness.always. But not all the students acting like a "small monster", but a few of them. The rest students behave well. So kasian la dorg because they are 'golongan yg mau belajar tp terpaksa mendgr comeloteh dr sigunya gara-gara budak yg banyak mulut itu'..sory to them. u know what?today i am really angry to one of the student, R (bukan nama sebenar). when i talk and explain in fornt, 'R' keep talking and talking with his friend. so, i ask him, "please stoop". after about 5 minutes, he start again doing his 'agenda'. So, SAYA MEMANAS, and yelled at students, "RRRRRRRRRRR, IF YOU WANT TO STAY STUDY IN MY CLASS, PLEASE STOP, DONT TALK WHEN I AM GIVING YOU ALL EXPLANATION". because of his face expression mcm x kisah saja, so i halau dia dr kelas i.PLEASE GET OUT FROM MY CLASS RIGHT NOW!!!I asked him twice, but he still at his place didnt want to go out. So i asked the students, "who is the person u vote for staying in class, ur teacher or R?" The students vote me. Then, again i asked R to fucked off from my class. He still dont want. So, i counted 1,2 and 3, giving him chance to go out. After that, shut down the computer lab and turn off the LCD and leave the class with angriness but peacefully. I leaved them in Laboratory. That was 4.15pm. my time actually until 4.25pm...tomorrow, i will enter to this class again. huh!!!I cant wait to see how u gonna be in my class tomorrow...

The pictures below are my beloved students from class 2 Mawar,2010

               From left (above): Rosalin, Debbie, Fynina, Shrvynna, Oliver, J.Den. Beejay, Andreas and Teejay

Huh, so sleepy.cant continue to type anymore. So, il stop here..bobyeee...

Monday, October 11, 2010

The day of sleepy..

Halow everyone!just in case if u are accidentally click my blog address the left side of my Facebook account, wish u all have a great evening...i'm totally free right now and going to drop a post as short as i can.

Today was a very sleepy day for me. I need to wake up early as today is Monday.i have to go school. its too late.i arrived at school at 7.15am.hoho.my friend give me a call, and asked me to open the "bilik kebal".upzz..i forgot to state that current year actually my first year a SU PMR. Just an assistant of my friend actually.Well, she manage to be there early than me. Then i grabbed the "SURAT AKUAN PELAJAR", and photostat it as Pejabat Am. Luckily, Mr.F (bukan nama sebenar) was in the office already and i came to him and asked to sign the letter. too boring ooh haha..i came in to the classes, checking and asking PMR candidates if all the documents with them. If one of the documents needed forgotten, they have to fill in the letter..this is one of the SU PMR's tasks. After all settled, i went in to staffroom. No 'kursus dalaman' today. too boring with noting do to. So, i remember my Science paper (exam paper) was still in undone mode.so i get in to my desk and began to clip my paper...baru satu paper saya klip,,,kolos,kolos,kolos..someone called me...yes???my friend told me one of pmr candidate was in emergency unit. So, one of us should be there.then i volunteered myself to go to the hospital...

Huh,so pity the students. Mimang agak malang eksiden time2 pmr.but i like his spirit of seating the exam.well, because this was an emergency case, so no teacher prepared to examine the student. So, my friend asked me to look up the student. So, with no sense of rejection, i just say OKEY...then, my morning and evening end up in the hospital..and u know, im not sure if what had done today was sin for myself, but i am so honest to did that. Because of the concentration of pity is too high, so, i teach him to solve the mathematic questions (paper 2).haha.so naughty.imagine, i teach the students from number 1 until number 15.hahaha...cant wait for the pmr result come out..wanna see his math result. as i teach him, some of the hospital staff looking at room.dont know what inside their heart.whateva~~~~~i hope they understand..

to be continued........

okey laa..i think ill stop here.i want to take my bath...bobyeee..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been a long time...

Hi evryone..how are u there?hope u all fine just like me here..super duper good and hot and hot.haha.kiding...well,i think its too long i dont visit my page.and also super duper long i didnt write anything here.today was a very memoriable date.cool date.that is 10.10.2010.wow!!u know today im so happy and realy feel that "time pass by so fast!!"..why im saying this..uuuhhh..okey lets start from the begining..

i woke up at 6.00 o'clock in the morning.the brigght light from the sunshine made me a litle 'tigiran'.i want to continue my sleep but cant,pdhal i still damn sleepy.i get my sleep just a few hours and its not enough when i woke too early..but never mind laa..because today is Sunday, i have to.i force myself to get bath.and its too cold!!!!after bath,touch up my face with a foundation and yeah..im ready to go...going to church with my besties...Alai and udoi...

We hit the road and manage to arrive at SIB Kingfisher, Kota Kinabalu sharply at 9.40am.hahahaa..so noty..we came inside and manage to sing the last worship song.i dint remember the title.but the song touched me so much!!Thanx God for being my Savior. Other than the song, i was also so blessed with the Word of God. Thank you pastor (a Korean Pastor).what i get from the word..we have to spread out the word of God not only at our own place but more and more than that,"sampai hujung dunia".Matthew 28:19.

okey...after the part finish, my friends and i leave the church and directly went to UMS...CONGRATULATION TO ALL MY FRIENDS. FINALLY U ALL SUCCESS IN UR STUDY...I am so understand what u all feel today because 2 years ago i also im in the same condition as u are today!!!Horrayyyy....Praise Lord!!..Hapy Graduation Day to all of you..Winnie Kasmir, Micheal Lobo, Polly Mison, and.Roger Yunin. So sory to Roger because cant attend to ur big day tomorow ya!!i have to go to school on ur graduation day.i felt so hapy and proud of u all.tidak sangka akhirnya..kita semua sudah grade d UMS yg tercinta!!and u know,during the time i took pictures of yours, other side of my heart felt so sad.huhu.dont know why. maybe im too emotion.haha.but seriously, i felt it...it maybe because after this, we will have no time 'togeder-togeder' again as past.u will at ur place, and me at my place.huhu.well, thats life.besala kan..kita x akn selama2nya bersama...haha..emosi pulakkk!!!hahaha

ehmm,,,after took so many pictures with my friends, we go to Kingfisher, having lunch..o my God...so hungry!!!hoho...suda la xda sarapan pagi,trs lunch pun mau jam 1 suda..one of my fren so funyy..hahhaa..dr jam 11 lg membwa makan tp x dilayan oleh kwn2 yg len..imagine brapa jam dia bwa makan,finaly makan jam 1 suda..wahahahhaahahaha.....kasian to the stomach!!!
in the table, we shared many hot stories.besala, lama x jmpa kan.pa lg kluar la ceta2 hajima.and its so nice when laughing together, loudly, emotionaly, with the gud expression of face haha..so enjoy laa sma kmurang..

around 3.oopm, me and alai going back to Kota Belud and Kudat respectively..as i have to attend a Conference rehearsal at SIB Taginambur.i manage to get at the church at 4 something.tersangat lambat suda saya.but sempat lagi praktis laaa bbrpa lagu..hehehe..

well, i think ill stop here.after this, i have to prepare for my dinner and now im so hungry!!!
k laa...c u again!