Monday, October 25, 2010

Thanx for being with me everyday Lord!

Hi its been a week i never update my blog. By the way, how are doing dude?Hopefully you are in a marvelous condition and wishing you all happy online (you are online now) and happy reading my blog. Thank you a lot for visiting and taking your time to stay reading my blog.

I woke up today with a bit unwell. My head got "pening-pening lalat". Probably because i do not have enough sleep last night. I get my sleep on 4.00 am. Today, as last Saturday, I'm gonna attend a PMM Conference rehearsal  at SIB Taginambur on 2.00 pm. But maybe i will be there a little bit late because Im gonna attend my friend's wedding at Kg. Lingkodon. She is my workmate and racily Bajau. She is the second person to be getting married among us (my batch posted at school). Me?uohh....Not Now. Im gonna going out to somewhere a.k.a travelling to nearest country before i step up to that level. (i type this last Saturday but still incomplete and was not posted so i will not delete or change anything)

Last Monday, i was told by my sister that my Dad was in hospital (kana tahan ba gea). I am so sad because this is the second time, he gonna stay at hospital due to his blood positive with "Tibi". The first was because of Malaria. I didn't manage to see my dad on that day and been there on the following day. My dad will be there for two months maybe. But i do hope his blood will negative to the tibi after the examination (day 14). God, stay out my father from this disease and keep him healthy day to day. Heal and keep up him everyday! Tomorrow, im going to buy a medicine form Cosway (do not remember the name of the medicine). Hopefully, it will help to reduce the tibi bacteria in my dad's lung. And of course, im going out there with my girl  tomorrow to go to the Kadai!!hihi

Last week, i manage to "balik kampung" two times. and im feel so happy. The first was on Wednesday and the second time was yesterday. This week also gonna be at kampung on Friday night because need to be at Kg Siudon on Saturday to attend my aunt's big day. Kg Siudon is my grandfather's village (mum's side). Kg Siudon located at Pandasan Kota Belud near the Kg Bungaliu. The centre of "jual-jual" or well known as "Tamu Ari Dua or badi". I have so many cousins, nephews, aunties, uncles and relative there,but unfortunately i didn't manage to know them well. and more badly, i even do not know them because most of them i never meet face to face. I only know their name because my mum told me. hahaha. So, this weekend, im gonna use the chance to know and getting know them closely. Wait ya my kerabat~~.hihi
Below is my cousin photo Lustijoe and Ida (Sorry for uploading ur photo here)

Lustijoe and his younger sister


Okeylaa..will c u next time on my next post. Need to mark my student's exercise book now and if got the extra energy, i will try to do my lesson plan. lalalalalaa~~. One week undone and untouch oowhhhh!!!!hohoho. All the best to me lar!hahhaa...for teachers, dont try at school or home ya!hahahaha. Do not be a procrastinator!!

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