Sunday, April 8, 2012

Put your trust in Him!

Hi April! Days move on non-stop. Now, April already! How fast..Another two month, first semester will end.   I am now working in morning session. Feel adaptable of the new environment. Its was one complete month on this coming 19th. The time to teach also good and more fresher of the air in the morning. After the hours end, i can still staying longer in school. Finishing tasks undone and at least i was no more like the old. Everyday, bringing works to home. It was so stressful. The time to rest always grabbed by the works brought to home. How cruel it to me. You know i was like working non-stop, 24 hours. Huh. But thanx! Now, i feel more relieve. Back to home in the afternoon and get more rest. There are more time to relax mind. Praise Lord.

When the minutes, hours, days and even the month move on unstoppable and running like happily, i was caught in one important matter. It was always visiting me. I wonder, am i so serious of doing the things done so fast. Huh...I still in the question. The answer is hard to get more clearer. I do believe, the right time will come and of course, He will show His sign!

Happy reading! :))