Monday, July 25, 2011

Today is Monday!

Hi and hello to all readers! Hope you all are great in everywhere you are. Today i feel so boring. This feeling came to me when i suddenly imagined and flash back my life recently. The weekdays almost the same and when come to the weekend, again its kinda not really nice. What is in my mind now? I just thinking that, is this condition will continuously happen in my life now or what? Ouccch! If yes, what a bored life!

Well, tonight i feel so empty when i get back from school. Yea, you know, my weekday's nights schedule will be at school everyday from eight to ten. I am conducting a choir team in my school. And this time will be the final week of us to practice our songs after 3 weeks spent for the same purpose. Yeah, i am honestly saying this, this is really really super tiring me! Everyday doing the same job and takes times about 4 hours everyday! After reach home at night from school, i cannot do any jobs! I got the times, but i am not able to go ahead for any jobs! (But facebooking dapat pula!!kahkahkah)

This week will gonna be a busy week for me! So many activities have to be done especially this Wednesday. i am gonna be one of the judges for the competition of Lagu-lagu Patriotik and Kugiran!

On Friday night, i am again busy with the Narinang Idol. Need to manage my mente and  at the same time i need to be a technician. WoooW!! Busy!!!

Today, i was a little bit angry to my choir students. Four of the Sopranos were absent! They made me became really mad! How come they still dare to absent from the practice session? The competition will be on this coming Saturday. And at this moment, i need to put some movements, dynamic, and face expression to make the song more cheerful, attractive and powerful.. The times really short now. So i have to use the chance maximumly. But the problem is, the sopranos! I hate to come in this situation. I am a bit wonder, why the problems came from the girls? You know, the boys in this team really doing well in every jobs they receive and not to the girls! The ruined the preparation!

Next year, i will make sure no members from outside will be in the team. I will only choose the members from hostel. That is more easier!

Well, this is what in my now. Nobody can hear my heart now, so i just share that in this page since i have no one to share this. At least, i feel relieve when i write this! So, all the best for me tomorrow!

Monday, July 18, 2011

3 dalam 1

Haaa..apa kabar semua? Baru saja siap dinner. Sampai keja, terus saja makan. Skg belum mandi lagi, pada hala jam 7.30pm nnt, kena pergi ke sekolah untuk latihan koir. Tinggal 2 minggu lagi latihan kemudian 30 julai pertadingan sudah. 2 buah lagu sekarang belum 'solid' lagi. Hati agak risau. Sempatkah untuk menjadikan ia cukup menjadi tarikan audience? Harap-harap.

tadi petang, ada juga latihan koir. agak lucu juga. Dalam dewan ada tiga aktiviti yg berlainan. satu koir, satu tarian, satu lagi lagu patriotik. Wah, berlatih dalam tempat dan jam yang sama. Waduh, semua pun pakai musiz lagi. Ni kali lahh..! Semua pun agak kesuntukan masa. Terpaksan berlatih di dewan. Terpaksalah memofuskan diri dengan benda yang dilatih. Tapi syukur, walaupun begitu, okey juga semuanya.

Okey lah, mau pergi mandi, nnt lambat pula sampai di sekolah. Student lagi meragam bila guru lambat. huhu...bye..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Teringat dia..

Malam sudah menjajah. Angin bertiup sepoi bahasa. Sesekali bunyi cengkerik kedengaran, mungkin gembira, mungkin marah, dan mungkin banyak lagi. Anjing menyalak tatkala melihat bulan penuh mengembang, menjadi ikutan anjing-anjing yang lain. Aku yang sedang duduk, merasakan semuanya. Hati ingin tidur tetapi kaki tidak mahu bergerak. 

Tatkala menghadap laptop, hati dan persaan terbang nun jauh di sana. Mencari si gadis yang dirindui. Namun sesat kerna tiada air trafic controller. Balik lagi ke rumah. Duduk sambil makan biskut tiger, kesukaan dari zaman Jepun. 

Rasa hati ingin bertemu namun sempat kah? Pagi harus menhadap ilahi. Pagi iu juga perginya dia. Aku datang, dia telah pergi. Hampa. Tapi tidak apa. Esok masih banyak lagi. Mata melihat rakan yang lain sudah diikat, malah sudah ada pengikut. Yang lain menanti tibanya waktu besar. Hati ku bertanya, masa ku bila? Seribu perhitungan menerjah benak. Tak pasti. Ikut hati mau durian runtuh. Tapi nampaknya pohon masih berdiri megah. 

Bila fikiran kusut, pening sekalian datang. Mata pun sudah layu. Bantal memanggil-manggil. Ayuh, tidur kita!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my God, my Next Vacation of year 2011

TGIF.....Thanx God It's Friday.  What a nice sentence! But it seems too lonely now. Feel so alone. Yah, because i am living alone in government house after my housemate get married.  It comforts me a lot but my socialistic is totally off when i get in my house. huhu. Anyway, my weekend will not really nice this time because i am going to spend my times just at home. It is kinda boring i think because nothing to do bah. I'm planning to go to kk but no purpose to go there. So, it would be better for me to be just at home for the second time in this July.

Hi to all. Happy weekend. Hope you all guys good in all conditions. Ehm, tonight i'm gonna share a little bit what was happened to me today. I am in the way of sharing, not telling yah hahaha! Okey, as you know so far (if you follow my entries), i had been to overseas two times this year. The first vacation was on May 28- June 8, 2011 ( Korea) whereas the second vacation was on June 15-19, 2011 (Philippine) just about a week after my first vacation. The happiness of the vacation has been shared in my entries before where so many places were visited and of course being with friends along the journey made me felt more excited. Well, that will gonna be my sweetest memories ever in my life! 

Guys, i am telling you right now, again in this year i will fly to Indonesia. It was really exciting me today when the booking done and has been confirmed. This is mean, i am going to add some more coming new experiences in my life in the end of this year. This will be on December. Can't believe it! This is absolutely the book of record in my life when i do three vacations in the same year! (include the upcoming event) You know what, last year i only plan for Philippine only, but now becoming three. But well the time has come, so God open the ways for me to go for the three countries! Yah, i am very happy for this. So happy and exciting me so much, indeed! Finally my rewards comes. 

For a student, we work hard to get the excellent results in our study right. Then finally with God's blessing, we success in our study then get a job. The job that we get is our reward. When we are a worker, do we need a reward? Of course right? We working everyday. Tired everyday. Doing so many things. This is such a very boring life if we just follow that flow. It is maybe cool if we doing something that makes us feel relieve, happy, satisfy. Then what will you do for yourself? All of us have our own planning to reward ourselves. So whatever it is, do it! Reward yourself! 

Thank you to my God for everything that He has done to me so far. I pray to you God, give me strength and wisdom in my job and in everything i do!

Below is my booking confirmation for Indonesia Trip!

My AirAsia Travel Itinerary. Hi December, i cannot wait already!! hehe

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burden me but what to do.

Hi readers, bloggers. visitors and so on. Hope you all fine. Well, just stay tune with me for a moment ya! Today's weather was so cool, moody all day. Not like yesterday, too hot. Sometimes, the weather affect to our emotion. When the days too hot, it would make us easily get mad. So do i. But when the moody comes to the day, our emotion also turn to cool, not really active. Ehm, by the way, this is only my thinking since this was happened to me and i experienced it.

Today, i woke up too late. It almost 9 o'clock in the morning when i open my eyes. What a bad habit kolosz! I need to stop this to ensure my time in the morning more longer. But, it seems not, because almost everyday i did it! I never wake up at seven, apa lagi jam 6! haha. When i get up approximately 9 am everyday, that means i only have about two hours at my home! Just two hours! What can i do for only two hours? Surfing internet, practice playing the piano, doing my lesson plan, doing revision for my choir songs, breakfast and sometimes washing my clothes, all these things should i do in the morning but do you know the fact?? The most popular thing that i never forget to do is facebooking and this is the first job i do in the morning ha ha. Get up from bed and immediately turning on my laptop! My goodness! But thanx God because i also never forget to say thank you to my God because letting me alive everyday!

At school, as usual i went in to my class and teach the students. After that, i went to the hall and start my choir practice. I love this actually. But, i feel it really burden me so much lately. So many things didn't done  just because of this. I am really cannot wait for July to past. I really want to say goodbye to July now, but now is in the middle of the month. 15 days to go man! After July, so, i am released and i can focus myself to my teaching and learning.

Even though this matter burden me much, but what can i do?? I choose this on myself and i have to do this until done! Confirm already maa, so need to be more better in performance!

Okeylaa..hope you all guys was entertained as you read this post. ha ha. Mengarut ba kadang-kadang nie hehe...Ehrm, dont forget guys, if u rajin, just leave your comments ya! Bye..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trip to Philippine

The guesthouse that we stayed for 4 nights and 5 days. Thank you Pinoy!
Holaaa friends...hehe. Tonight, i am so rajin to type. So, gonna take this chance to write as much as i can. Now, i am listening a very emotion and nice melody song, Rest of My Life by Bruno Mars. This song is killing me everyday. But fortunately, i still alive. Wish to sing this song in Family Concept haha! The song "Talking To The Moon" also killing me. I am so damn like the song. Planing to have this album when i have time to find this album at KK. Well actually im not going to talk about these two songs. ha ha!

Okey, back to the topic, i am gonna share my experience in Philippine last June of 2011. I was wrote about this vacation last year during newly book the ticket. I went to the Jose Rizal Country with my buddies Bano, Libo, Kidi and Libo (sorry to state your name here, he he). We depart form KK at 2.00 pm and arrived there at 4 o'clock something. That was not too long compared to the way to the Korea which took approximately 5 hours from KK International Airport. It was only took 2 hours.  Well, as my heart in Korea, i was super excited when i standing on the land of Philippine. After went through the immigration in the airport, we were welcomed by many women which represent as a bus conductor and will bring us to the hotel. They were so nice and sweet because they smile nicely. They kept saying, "Hi guys, which hotel do you to go?" Then, me and friends came to their group where they standing up, and told them, "We want to go to the Friendly Guesthouse, so which bus gonna bring us there". Then, one of them respond and talked with us about the fare. So, each of us paying them 400 peso. Its about MYR30. So, from the Clark International Airport, the bus bring us about 2 hours again to the place.

When we arrived at the bus station, someone behind me talking fluently in Malay. In my heart was so surprised. Wah, a Tagalog man can speak very good in Malay. The man own an avanza and offered us to go with him to the Friendly Guesthouse. So finally, we arrived at the place! Its not really luxurious but its cool because the guesthouse has its own bar at the upstairs and wireless also available. We were placed in the room that has 5 beds. Opsz, i forgot to mention the name of the guy. We call him, Eric. He again offered us to follow with him. The guy was very funny.haha. He told us, if you want an 'entertainment', juts give me a call. Huh, you know what his mean? haha..really naughty! So, guys these was my pictures for the first day and first night at Philippine!

Just arrive at Clark International Airport

Clark International Airport

With Kidi!

Day One at Manila. We went for city tour. Eric's friend bring us with an avanza. Lets see the pictures!

Rizal Park

Rizal Park

After the city tour done, we went to La Intramurous..At that point, i mean in the gate of the La Intramurous, we were approached by many Pinoy. They offered us to buy their cowboy cap. They keep asking us to buy their cap. Fortunately, i don't give them my face. So, nobody approach me.  That is the secret, don't ever mind their business if you don't want to buy. Without wasting time, we went in to the place. So, inside the place, we took many pictures because so many historical things and building there. Here the pictures!

"kereta kuda" still used in Manila but only used in certain areas. For example, in  this place La Intramurous.
They attracts tourists with this kind of transport. When you ride this, we need to pay them about 70 peso for the transport and explanations about the places.

Weapons. Too old.

A tunnel. This is a jail (if i am not mistaken).

Fort Santiago.

One of the tourist attraction in this area.

Bano and Landor is on action!

My friends and me.

Yeah! I'm here!

Sometimes, we need to be a model. haha!


The explanation about Fort Santiago.

Help me!!!
 After get tired in the La Intramurous, we went for a lunch. So hungry. And here we go...lets go for LICHEON....!!!

Kesian Lecheon terpaksa dikorbankan. Sepa suruh sedap haha!

Ready to be served anytime!

The place we ate the LECHION.

Nyum nyum~~~
Yeah, right after lunch we went to Enchanted Kingdom, a  theme park in the  Philippines  It is located at Santa Rosa CityLaguna. . But, unfortunately the theme park was closed. But never mind , because at the time still hot, it was about 2pm. So, we decided went back to Manila. 
Enchanted Kingdom, Philippine.

After reached at Manila from Enchanted Kingdom, we went to a very silent place in the Manila Metropolitan. The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located in Fort BonifacioTaguig City in Metro ManilaPhilippines.

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The graves...eleven burial plots are arranged in concentric rings around the Memorial and Mall. The majority of the white marble headstones were quarried and fabricated in Italy. A small quantity came from Romblon, Phillipine...

The headstones are made of marble which are aligned in eleven plots forming a generally circular pattern, set among masses of a wide variety of tropical trees and shrubbery.

Wall of Missing..Engraved tablets honor 36, 286 Missing in Action who grave their lives
in the service of their country, including 21 medal of honor recipient..

The Chapel...Its sculpture represents a young American warrior symbolized by St. george, fighting his enemy the dragon. Above them are the ideals for which he fought: Liberty, Justice, Country and Columbia with child symbolizing the future...

The Altar..decorated with mosaic on a predominantly blue background. A tall, graceful female figure scatters flowers. Natural light shines through stone grilleworks flanking the altar

Proud to be here!

You are heroes of Philippine. God bless you American Armies!

After taking pictures, we moved to the theme park located nearby the Malate but again it was closed. So no worry, the driver bring us to the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden also near the place we stay. So, here are some of the pictures!

Yeah, sampai!

You can see many species of animals here! This place is same with Zoo Lokawi  but  this got Rhinoceros 

Yeah, second nights at Malate!! KTV here we go!!!Melalak time!

Second Day. We went to Taygaytai for Volcano Tour at Taal Lake. We ride a boat. Even-though the tour a bit boring, but i still enjoy! So many nice scenery and view along the journey on the lake!

The Volcano is just behind us!

Ekzos of the ship, creative!


I am so lonely. Where are my other friends??

Inactive Volcano

Lets goo!!!

Yeah, finally!