Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burden me but what to do.

Hi readers, bloggers. visitors and so on. Hope you all fine. Well, just stay tune with me for a moment ya! Today's weather was so cool, moody all day. Not like yesterday, too hot. Sometimes, the weather affect to our emotion. When the days too hot, it would make us easily get mad. So do i. But when the moody comes to the day, our emotion also turn to cool, not really active. Ehm, by the way, this is only my thinking since this was happened to me and i experienced it.

Today, i woke up too late. It almost 9 o'clock in the morning when i open my eyes. What a bad habit kolosz! I need to stop this to ensure my time in the morning more longer. But, it seems not, because almost everyday i did it! I never wake up at seven, apa lagi jam 6! haha. When i get up approximately 9 am everyday, that means i only have about two hours at my home! Just two hours! What can i do for only two hours? Surfing internet, practice playing the piano, doing my lesson plan, doing revision for my choir songs, breakfast and sometimes washing my clothes, all these things should i do in the morning but do you know the fact?? The most popular thing that i never forget to do is facebooking and this is the first job i do in the morning ha ha. Get up from bed and immediately turning on my laptop! My goodness! But thanx God because i also never forget to say thank you to my God because letting me alive everyday!

At school, as usual i went in to my class and teach the students. After that, i went to the hall and start my choir practice. I love this actually. But, i feel it really burden me so much lately. So many things didn't done  just because of this. I am really cannot wait for July to past. I really want to say goodbye to July now, but now is in the middle of the month. 15 days to go man! After July, so, i am released and i can focus myself to my teaching and learning.

Even though this matter burden me much, but what can i do?? I choose this on myself and i have to do this until done! Confirm already maa, so need to be more better in performance!

Okeylaa..hope you all guys was entertained as you read this post. ha ha. Mengarut ba kadang-kadang nie hehe...Ehrm, dont forget guys, if u rajin, just leave your comments ya! Bye..

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