Friday, November 11, 2011


What a very wonderful date of today! Thank you readers for visiting my page. How wonderful today oh! Today is the last day of school for students. But for teachers, will working as usual another 1 more week.  As others, they were post so many things on this wonderful date. Everywhere.in facebook, my space or even in twitter. So do I! But i choose to post in twitter. People that know me just a little. In facebook, i will think one hundred times to post or not! haha. Dont know why actually.

Today, in this moment, after about a month, i finally post my November entry in this page. I always visit my page actually, but don't have the chance to drop by for a long time here.

Thank you and well done to myself. Im a 3 years old as a teacher now.Thank your for all my friends who supporting me in the nice and hard time. Im a bit sad because two of my friends will transfer to KM and Penang next year. Wish you all the best guys. You are the best!

In this nice day, i got so many things to share to you. But, you know my mind so crowded right know just like the traffic jam in KK. Hoong hooong!! What a very challenge 2012! You know what!? Lets continue and read this. 1. Warden Asrama, 2. SU PMR, 3. Pengurus Koperasi, 4. Teaching 4 exam classes.All of these, gonna be my task for 2012 in my school. Ikut hati, tara mau laar benda ni. Besar2 pla tugas ni. Tak tau dapat ka tidak. Mampu ka tidak buat semua ni. Tengok je laa. Hanya Tuhan tenpat sandaranku.!