Thursday, November 8, 2012

School Holiday

Manila, Philippine. 
Hello everyone..its good to be here again after such a long time didn't been here. I have been busy doing school matter and actually this page are not forgotten. Its because i don't have the times to write anything to be post here. But thank you God because always giving us the chance to do anything on His track. About six months i don't post anything here and of course the six months contains so many history that i would like to share here. But lets get slowly ya..

Today is the second last day for teachers to be at school for this year and the school holiday will starting officially on Saturday. Yeah! Students were in their holiday since one week ago. I am very sure, they are enjoying so much, doing anything at home. This year, i had been a class teacher for form three for the first time and guess what? Its was awesome and enjoyed to be with them. I am starting to miss my students. Wonder what they all doing right now. In school, students were my best friend and you know,  i even closest to them than the teachers. Haha. Being with them make me feel so 'remajah' all the time! haha! Some peoples said, if i wearing a t-shirt and short pants, i am more likely a student than teacher. Moreover, i am small and short in height. Hoho. Whatever it is, i am so grateful to be a 'candle' to them. 

I expect that this year holiday will be the longest for me. I was not appointed as 'penjaga peperiksaan' this year. Actually, many teachers offered me to replace them, but i reject it due to some reasons. The 'big' reason is, i already bought a flight ticket for my vacation to Vietnam on November 22nd and will be there for one week long, means i will return to this land on November 28th. Some ketua said, 'the timetable can be adjusted', but i decided to say no to him. Sorry. hihi. Last morning, i've been to PPDKB and met with the person that in-charge the examination for KB area. Out of 108 teachers appointed as 'penjaga exam', only 43 of them received the offer. He felt so stress and i can see from his face and also from the way he talked. So pity.

I also will be busy with the new bought house in Kota Kinabalu. There are so many things need to be settled down about it. From the observation that i made to the house, it was really disappointing me. There are so many damage and defect of the house. There really made me hot. The complain letter was submitted three weeks ago, but until now, they have done nothing to the house. Hot, hot and hot! I feel like want to BOM their office. Forget about the house. It made me sick. 

Bachelor?Single? What?When?OMG. I think that this holiday gonna be the last moment to be remembered as the 'bujangzzzz'. I will spending the holiday as enjoy as i can. Enjoying the time while still can and of course while still bujangan. Next year, my singleness will be end. HoHo. I am so sad to leave all this. But, human are not forever alone right? We are need our partner in life. Ok enough. hahaha.

My photo taken last year at Jakarta International Airport.

Photo taken at Everland, Korea.

Photo take at Everland, Korea.
Theme park at Incheon, Korea.

Shopping time. forgot the name of the market.