Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hi everyone! Good to see you again here! [Im looking at you right now @@].. By the way, thank you God for the past days. It is too long im not writing here. More than a month! I have a lot of time actually but the laziness always crossing and stay remain in me. Hehe. Sorry my blog!

By the way, without wasting times, im going to write a very short sharing today. Now is examination season in my school. Its been a week for afternoon session. And tomorrow is my subject and will acting as the supervisor for the science paper 1 Form 1 and paper 2 for Form 2. Hoping no problem will happen tomorrow.

At 4.39pm today, my bos asked me to get in his room. Uowhh,,,im a litle bit surprice. Negative minded suda. Then, when im in his room, he told me about Kaamatan Celebration District Level. OOhhh nooo... i got it! It must be the choir performance. Adoii dogooo. You know what, he told me that the celebration will be on this coming Sunday! What the...I said No to him for many times. But he kept asking me to do the job. Oo no. I got the experience last year. So i know, how hard to prepare all this for the short times. Just imagine, i only have 2 days to do the task. Is it enough? How about the costume?

I said to my bos...if i can, i will do. But, if i can't, i will let you know! He kept saying, i know you can do it..MONGIRIT no baaa butul....hahaha~!! After afternoon school session over, i went to hostel and met one of my choristers member. I told him to inform the others member to be ready for this URGENT TASK. And tonight, im going to see them after the prep over.

Sorry for all my choristers. I know some of you want to go back to your village this week for mother's day celebration. But, i need to 'block' you all. hihi. Im so sorry for that!