Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my God, my Next Vacation of year 2011

TGIF.....Thanx God It's Friday.  What a nice sentence! But it seems too lonely now. Feel so alone. Yah, because i am living alone in government house after my housemate get married.  It comforts me a lot but my socialistic is totally off when i get in my house. huhu. Anyway, my weekend will not really nice this time because i am going to spend my times just at home. It is kinda boring i think because nothing to do bah. I'm planning to go to kk but no purpose to go there. So, it would be better for me to be just at home for the second time in this July.

Hi to all. Happy weekend. Hope you all guys good in all conditions. Ehm, tonight i'm gonna share a little bit what was happened to me today. I am in the way of sharing, not telling yah hahaha! Okey, as you know so far (if you follow my entries), i had been to overseas two times this year. The first vacation was on May 28- June 8, 2011 ( Korea) whereas the second vacation was on June 15-19, 2011 (Philippine) just about a week after my first vacation. The happiness of the vacation has been shared in my entries before where so many places were visited and of course being with friends along the journey made me felt more excited. Well, that will gonna be my sweetest memories ever in my life! 

Guys, i am telling you right now, again in this year i will fly to Indonesia. It was really exciting me today when the booking done and has been confirmed. This is mean, i am going to add some more coming new experiences in my life in the end of this year. This will be on December. Can't believe it! This is absolutely the book of record in my life when i do three vacations in the same year! (include the upcoming event) You know what, last year i only plan for Philippine only, but now becoming three. But well the time has come, so God open the ways for me to go for the three countries! Yah, i am very happy for this. So happy and exciting me so much, indeed! Finally my rewards comes. 

For a student, we work hard to get the excellent results in our study right. Then finally with God's blessing, we success in our study then get a job. The job that we get is our reward. When we are a worker, do we need a reward? Of course right? We working everyday. Tired everyday. Doing so many things. This is such a very boring life if we just follow that flow. It is maybe cool if we doing something that makes us feel relieve, happy, satisfy. Then what will you do for yourself? All of us have our own planning to reward ourselves. So whatever it is, do it! Reward yourself! 

Thank you to my God for everything that He has done to me so far. I pray to you God, give me strength and wisdom in my job and in everything i do!

Below is my booking confirmation for Indonesia Trip!

My AirAsia Travel Itinerary. Hi December, i cannot wait already!! hehe

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