Monday, July 25, 2011

Today is Monday!

Hi and hello to all readers! Hope you all are great in everywhere you are. Today i feel so boring. This feeling came to me when i suddenly imagined and flash back my life recently. The weekdays almost the same and when come to the weekend, again its kinda not really nice. What is in my mind now? I just thinking that, is this condition will continuously happen in my life now or what? Ouccch! If yes, what a bored life!

Well, tonight i feel so empty when i get back from school. Yea, you know, my weekday's nights schedule will be at school everyday from eight to ten. I am conducting a choir team in my school. And this time will be the final week of us to practice our songs after 3 weeks spent for the same purpose. Yeah, i am honestly saying this, this is really really super tiring me! Everyday doing the same job and takes times about 4 hours everyday! After reach home at night from school, i cannot do any jobs! I got the times, but i am not able to go ahead for any jobs! (But facebooking dapat pula!!kahkahkah)

This week will gonna be a busy week for me! So many activities have to be done especially this Wednesday. i am gonna be one of the judges for the competition of Lagu-lagu Patriotik and Kugiran!

On Friday night, i am again busy with the Narinang Idol. Need to manage my mente and  at the same time i need to be a technician. WoooW!! Busy!!!

Today, i was a little bit angry to my choir students. Four of the Sopranos were absent! They made me became really mad! How come they still dare to absent from the practice session? The competition will be on this coming Saturday. And at this moment, i need to put some movements, dynamic, and face expression to make the song more cheerful, attractive and powerful.. The times really short now. So i have to use the chance maximumly. But the problem is, the sopranos! I hate to come in this situation. I am a bit wonder, why the problems came from the girls? You know, the boys in this team really doing well in every jobs they receive and not to the girls! The ruined the preparation!

Next year, i will make sure no members from outside will be in the team. I will only choose the members from hostel. That is more easier!

Well, this is what in my now. Nobody can hear my heart now, so i just share that in this page since i have no one to share this. At least, i feel relieve when i write this! So, all the best for me tomorrow!


Fay Baloche said...

auch..That sucks! Especially with the competition around the corner, the students really have the gut to skip the final preparation....Sabar2 ja la. Gud luck for the competition. All the best!!

kolosz said...

yah, im not sure what realy in their mind til they dare to absent the practice. Im not sure if they could master all the arrangements that i made. Sabor je la kan..thanx God because today, the students attend the practice..btw, tq so much fay...

Anonymous said...

lawa rambut....pal...su....hahahahahaha