Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been a long time...

Hi evryone..how are u there?hope u all fine just like me here..super duper good and hot and hot.haha.kiding...well,i think its too long i dont visit my page.and also super duper long i didnt write anything here.today was a very memoriable date.cool date.that is 10.10.2010.wow!!u know today im so happy and realy feel that "time pass by so fast!!"..why im saying this..uuuhhh..okey lets start from the begining..

i woke up at 6.00 o'clock in the morning.the brigght light from the sunshine made me a litle 'tigiran'.i want to continue my sleep but cant,pdhal i still damn sleepy.i get my sleep just a few hours and its not enough when i woke too early..but never mind laa..because today is Sunday, i have to.i force myself to get bath.and its too cold!!!!after bath,touch up my face with a foundation and yeah..im ready to go...going to church with my besties...Alai and udoi...

We hit the road and manage to arrive at SIB Kingfisher, Kota Kinabalu sharply at 9.40am.hahahaa..so noty..we came inside and manage to sing the last worship song.i dint remember the title.but the song touched me so much!!Thanx God for being my Savior. Other than the song, i was also so blessed with the Word of God. Thank you pastor (a Korean Pastor).what i get from the word..we have to spread out the word of God not only at our own place but more and more than that,"sampai hujung dunia".Matthew 28:19.

okey...after the part finish, my friends and i leave the church and directly went to UMS...CONGRATULATION TO ALL MY FRIENDS. FINALLY U ALL SUCCESS IN UR STUDY...I am so understand what u all feel today because 2 years ago i also im in the same condition as u are today!!!Horrayyyy....Praise Lord!!..Hapy Graduation Day to all of you..Winnie Kasmir, Micheal Lobo, Polly Mison, and.Roger Yunin. So sory to Roger because cant attend to ur big day tomorow ya!!i have to go to school on ur graduation day.i felt so hapy and proud of u all.tidak sangka akhirnya..kita semua sudah grade d UMS yg tercinta!!and u know,during the time i took pictures of yours, other side of my heart felt so sad.huhu.dont know why. maybe im too emotion.haha.but seriously, i felt it...it maybe because after this, we will have no time 'togeder-togeder' again as past.u will at ur place, and me at my place.huhu.well, thats life.besala kan..kita x akn selama2nya bersama...haha..emosi pulakkk!!!hahaha

ehmm,,,after took so many pictures with my friends, we go to Kingfisher, having lunch..o my God...so hungry!!!hoho...suda la xda sarapan pagi,trs lunch pun mau jam 1 suda..one of my fren so funyy..hahhaa..dr jam 11 lg membwa makan tp x dilayan oleh kwn2 yg len..imagine brapa jam dia bwa makan,finaly makan jam 1 suda..wahahahhaahahaha.....kasian to the stomach!!!
in the table, we shared many hot stories.besala, lama x jmpa kan.pa lg kluar la ceta2 hajima.and its so nice when laughing together, loudly, emotionaly, with the gud expression of face haha..so enjoy laa sma kmurang..

around 3.oopm, me and alai going back to Kota Belud and Kudat respectively..as i have to attend a Conference rehearsal at SIB Taginambur.i manage to get at the church at 4 something.tersangat lambat suda saya.but sempat lagi praktis laaa bbrpa lagu..hehehe..

well, i think ill stop here.after this, i have to prepare for my dinner and now im so hungry!!!
k laa...c u again!

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