Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hahahahahaha...first of all,give me excuse..i wanna laugh..hahahhahahahaha...
my goshhhh..regarding to the title above, what is confirm actually?hahaa.my God. Thank you Lord. my dream will be come true next year. Actaully, now i am so happy. You know what? i just bought 4 flight tickets from Kota Kinabalu to Philipine. and the exploration will be on 15 June -19 June 2011. I still dont believe that i already bought the tickets. Thank you Banochez for messaging me last night about the promotion price by AirAsia. HOT HOT HOT HOT price!!!Now and on before the time comes, 'research' must implemented about the place. This is ensure this journey will become more meaningful and remain still in our memory. Okey, Oscar, Rickie and Oliver,,kamoonn guysss..kita xpaya tidur d hotel.tidur d siring2 jalan saja,tp jgn, tdur sma Mcbook and DSLR.hahhahaa.Oowh, how pump me now!!ahhaha..So, excited!!pdhal lama lg tu baaa..hahhahahahahahhaa..i

But, anyway, thank you Lord Jesus for letting us meeting with this plan and now we are considerably in WAITING MODE. Waiting for the time to be come true, true and true..hahaha..i like!!

As my memory for 10 years later from now maybe, i wanna upload the picture that shows everything about the flight to Clark, Philipine!!Jose Rizal, here i come!!haha..pump..

Payment process=>PAID

Status: Confirm..flyyyyyyy

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