Wednesday, October 13, 2010

End of syllabus

Hello to everyone. Hope u all good in health, good emotion, and good in everything. wish you all, happy dinner (i just took my dinner,hehe)

Today im gonna 'story-story' about Mathematic subject Form 2 that i teach now. 9 months ago, i was appointed to teach this subject. There is reason why. At first, 'they' gave me form 1 class but because of some reason, i have to leave my form 1 class to other teacher due to some reason. So, i just receive and accept my new class for math, 2A Actually, im just ready to teach on Math Form 1 but Math form 2, im not.. mungkin sebab sudah terlampau lama x 'berkawan' dengan Math. Imagine, my last 'date' for mathematic was about 6 years ago. that was in 2003. after that, i never touch math due my course at ums was education with science. i just learnt all about chemistry and biology. NO MATH,OKAY. haha..That is why i refuse to accept the offer to teach math at fisrt even some peoples think like this, 'alaaaaaa,sinang saja ba math, form 2 seja pun'.adeeehhh!!xtau la if u are in mine condition. But, as a teacher, that was the challenge to be faced. In university, we are told many times by education school lecturers. So, with no objection, 'baa,kasi buli saja laini, klu teda lg guru lain'.haha. pdhal, in my heart, adoiiiii....

Now is October already. You know what? i manage to teach all the chapters and today, my last chapter that is Statistic was done. Tidak ku sangka, akhirnya, abis suda saya ajar. semua pun lega dlm kelas tadi. Me also sangat lega. But for student, they have to revise again from the early chapter until last. Final exam is around the corner. Now, i only has two weeks to carry revision activity. my hope, all my students get their well achievement in math.

So, those out there, we have to try. we have to trust and believe in ourself that we can do the best. ada pepatah,' when there is a will,..............................(fill in the blank). If we consider the task given to us,'owhh,saya tidak dapat buat, nda pndai sda'...o men,please get up, stand up. You can do men!! Sometimes, we have to force ourself to do something. hehehe..

Okey laaa..mcm melalut suda saya.haha. all above are from kolosz's brain and heart. i just translate here as a writing.okey la..il stop here, dont have idea suda..c u next post!

part of my students,2 Mawar. they are so happy go lucky students!

naughty mimang naught!!

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