Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SMKN Choir 2010 (ep1)

Hi Good midnight to all.hehe. i am still awake and wanna drop a post about my choir team at my school. Well, about 9 years ago, when i was at my secondary school, form 3 at that time. A friend Richard (now a teacher), invite me to join Semtasi choir club. So, without any rejection, i accept it and always with him in many performance either at school or outside. i join this club for 3 years until i get out from Semtasi in the year of 2002. 3 years with this club, gave me a lot of experiences about this field and the knowledge are super duper valuable for me. i learnt so many things about choir. Vocal arrangement with soprano, alto, tenor and bass, unity, commitment, being on-time, paying full attention and so many more. All these things i tinggalkan when KPM offer me to futher study at LMC in Life Science Program. But, x sangka....i get involved with choir again when Mr. Emanuel (Lecturer P.Moral) and the other lecturers organizing a choir competition among Moral Classes at LMC. So, apalagi..hahaha..i jd conductor for my tutoran and u know who won the competition?hahaha..u know it!haha..of course my team..itula alkisah penglibatan i dlm koir.after finish at LMC, i get an offer from UMS in the following year 2004 in Education course. So, di sini laa saya terkasi tinggal bidang ini.4 years at UMS with lost chemistry connection of the Tenor (my voice).haha.....

So, when i posted at SMKN, waaa...ladang anytime saja dikuningkan.haha. First year, i just tolong2 the teachers who handle the choir team. Vocal arrangement done already.tinggal face expression ja lg yg belum. so, i get the chance and teach them. Huh...ternyata,masi boleh pakai pula ilmu koir ku dlu.haha.........

To be continued....my pillow call me..Before that, lets take a look several pictures of choir team 2009....enjoy!

Laura, Vanesa & Kevien

Meon, brandon and the gengs

Almona n Max

Thats how to sing!Open mouth!!

Gud job Meon!

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