Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trip To Indonesia (13-17 Dec 2011)

God, i thank you for being with me everyday. I am so glad that you had prepare me a very wonderful life which i can feel it from the previous years until now. You such a greatest Man to me. Thank you  so much for giving me chance to travel to the other countries. You were there for me, giving me a shelter and You brought me to original land in a very good condition.

Guys, below are some of my photo taken during my vacation to Indonesia that been happened last December. It was about a year ago. Sometimes its good to be a foreigner! 

Me at Jakarta International Airport.
Arrived there about  8.40 in the night

Having dinner before departed to Bandung. Can you see the SOTO KUDUS  there?
Been wondering how its taste!

My dinner!

I was on the BECA. King of the road in Indonesia!

Wearing my newly bought of sweater.
The wording was so fail-->should be like this right, 'Today is history..

Cihampelas Hotel 1 is at the back. Nice and affordable hotel. We have stay there for 3 nights.

In the bus for City Tour. Heading to Tangkuban Perahu.

Yeah, we arrive!

Me and the view!

The smile of me. Ha ha..

Ayuh, ke Bandung!

Get the chance to take more shot.

Me, si kolosz

In the Bus, cannot wait to reach in the place.

Waiting for dinner at a shopping mall.

Nasi Penyet Mari!

My eyes kana silau!

 Now, lets move on to Jakarta. We had been there for two days and stayed in Permai Indah Hotel. We shopping a lot a Pasar Mangga. Heaven of shopping indeed!

Just arrived at Jakarta.

Here we go..Shopping sakan!!

Having lunch to recharge energy to shop more in Pasar Mangga.!!

Pasar Mangga


Managed to get to SeaWorld!

Come on, touch me!

The Group!

Having Nasi Padang!!

Nasi Uduk! Tradisonal food in Jakarta.

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