Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Precious Time

Hey..watssupp bebeh!? haha..huu that was so k-pop. Should be like this, "hey, how are you doing?" haha..yeah..It seems a month,  i didn't write anything here. So, as i have so many free times, i decided to walk on my blog and yaa do something here. Now, i am 'home alone' at my flat in my workplace. I have been here since a half-week ago for several reasons. Actually i want to go home in my village but it seems uncomfortable for me of leaving the student's scrap book. It was not marked yet and this scrap book need to handed over to the teacher that will teaching the students next year. If i go home right now, it will be surely forgotten and i don't want to give myself more burdens early next year of keep thinking about this scrap book. Haha. My mistakes actually. This work should be done last year but sometime i am a procrastinator. Hihi. So, i need to bear all this now. Moreover, as i mention earlier, i have a lot of free time now.So, here we go! The marking are still in progress and hopefully i can finish it before Friday.

My Student's Scrap Book. In the picture is only for one class.
There are two other classes that are not  in.

Apart from that, its because of my living place here. This flat was built about 30 years ago.  All the furniture was 'gone' and only the space you can see in this house. So, i think you can imagine how 'old' this government property. One of the effort that i made to this house was repainting the wall  and it was done four months ago. So, i already get the licence to paint your house, please order me ha ha. Actually i was not alone doing the work but there was three students a.k.a my gangs helping me. They were all so good in that work. Praise the Lord, the light purple that touch the wall was so nice and its seems so new here. I need to be honest here that, when i went to school every morning, the color brighten me up. I can felt the enthusiastic came to me and everything including my mind was filled with a good and positive spirit. Yah, it seems i choose the right color. I recommend you all to apply the color to your house.... but don't choose the dark purple okey. I got instinct something bad on this color ha ha

As you can see here, the purple seems giving me a positive day everyday. 
On this precious moment, i decided to get my kitchen more tidy. Cleaning was made just a few hours ago. The wall, floor and everything in the kitchen. I feel so relieve. The new look of my kitchen get me more comfortable. It was so tired but it worth. Huuuu...rajin jugaka saya? haha...The preparation of Nicholas Duin baitoo..well...its all about next year. practice? eeuuww..haha

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