Monday, June 20, 2011

First Oversea Vacation_SOUTH KOREA

Hi...today is Tuesday. I'm so sleepy but i don't feel to lay down on my bed. Actually i'm on mood of hunting my oldies pictures in my desktop. That is why i still awake at this clock. Hello to all readers =))).

For this time, i want to take this chance to write about my journey in South Korea last May 28, 2011 until June 8, 2011..since i'm not sleepy yet and got the mood to type. 

Here are the story..on April 23, 2011, i was informed by my friend that Pst Bae and family will migrating to US. I was so surprised. For this reason, my friends and i made a plan to fly to Korea since all of them will stay in Korea for three months before they fly to US. That was the best chance for us to go there. There could be many opportunities to go to Korea but it is different for us to be there without them. This plan actually was born on 2005 when all of us were still studying second year at UMS. But you know, students can't afford to go that far place. So, it was only a dream during that time. In short word, No Money No Talk bha! 

When the situation came to us, we finally made a decision to make a trip. So, four of us (unstated names) finding friends to make a group trip. Grouping trip is more cheaper than single. We were luckily because the MAS charged us the grouping fare even though the total of us was not enough. We were only 12 persons. Thank you MAS for still charging us the grouping fare. So, the flight was confirm. We flew to Korea on May 28 may, 2011 (11.30 p.m.) and arrived there at six o'clock in the morning of May 29, 2011. Thank you God!

We landed at Incheon International Airport safely and we all so happy because not only Pst Bae and Samonim waiting for us but Ahreum, Grace and Pst Isaac also there! We went directly to Pst Lee's Church at Incheon. We stayed there for two days. 

~~To be continued~~

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