Thursday, July 7, 2011


Congratulation to myself. Be a good teacher aahh~^^

Hi guys. You sleep already?^^. I was plan to sleep just now but it cannot be done by me. ^^. I am still awake and doing some story of mengarut. hehe. This current week was a very tired days for me. So many things need to be done. Lesson plan, student's attendance, classes, experiments and book marking. Aigooo..this is so crazy. I cannot be in this situation for a long time. Need to be released. Other than that, i receive a letter form PPD. There is a choir competition for state level this coming end of month. After about one month my choir practice stop without any DO RE MI, La La La in the school, at last again, on last Monday of this week, i activate again my chorister team for that purpose. For this time, it is really different with previous year before. Because last year, i assisted by a pianist, my student at SMKN. He now further his study to Matriculation College of Labuan. I can simply say that, with him, it was so easy to handle the process of arranging the songs. But, this year, i do all the things without him. Just imagine. I can't even know playing the keyboard so well now, and i need to arrange the songs to the choir style. What say you?? Is it hard or easy?? But, i need to walk hard even without my pianist. thanx God, fortunately, i got staffmate who helping me the most!  They prepare me with the score and i can make it even i feel a little bit tough! The practice session held every afternoon, everyday, every night!!! What say you?? Whoaaa...it really made me tired because most of my times goes to the choir. Because of this, my class off. No P & P. I just give them exercises in the class and i left the class. If i did not did it, so who gonna take care the choir? My friends was busy all the times. Me also so busy, but what can i do. I also felt so sympathies to my choristers. They need to attend all the practice session afternoon and in the night. Most of their times were used for choir. I felt so guilty to them.But its okey, i will take this as my challenge in my profession. For sure, next time, i will harvest all the tiredness that came to me and to my students!

Well, sambil-sambil saya penat, sempat jugalah saya gembira minggu ni. hehe. At last, i dapat surat pengesahan jawatan daripada SPP!! After about 2 years and 6 months in the trial period of teacher profession, i get the confirmationletter. Yeah!! That is mean, from now and on, i don't need to attend any interview session for that purpose because this is the ending of all the 'urusan'. Congratz to myself and also goes to all my friends in school who receive the same letter. Thank you so much God!!! So, now i'm not longer in 'tempoh percubaan'. I am 'sah' already as a teacher!!!Will do more better in my pefrormance in school!!...

Mr. Nicholas Duin

Okeylaa..im sleepy already. Tomorrow need to get up early. Ada kelas piano konon ni hehe..chaww!!

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