Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 Days at Korea

Hi...today is Sunday and tomorrow the school will start again. haissshhh. i hate it. haha. I need a few days more to tune my mind back. Honestly, my heart and mind still in Korea. haha. I really cant forget the moments and times that i spent there. The 12 days at Korea made me feel very happy and it is very very difficult for me to do anything apalagi mau pigi sikul. Its all because of the super fantastic vacation! All my days there were filled with 'jalan-jalan' . When i remember the times, it make me excited still and even more now! haha am i crazy? haha. No! I want it happen again. Sure, next time! This trip is really meaningful. I got met my friends there Ahreum, Grace, and Hyong! All of them i met at SIBKF when i was a student at UMS. That was on December 2004. I thought that was the first and last time i met them but it certainly not! We all meet up again and the different is not in Sabah but in Korea you know. Sounds very cool right!?haha. I know im a bit 'terlebih suda' but this is really in my head now. and i meant it! What a good experience also, i got to know a very nice new korean friend Joseph, Yea Chan, Ming Ki. Thank you so much for the night we all spent together in your church area. Its a very fun night and very memorable time! It makes me feel so missing of you all guys. Thank you Joseph for the explanations of the places we visit there! You can speak very well in English you know. Even-though some of your sentences need to be translated by another Joseph, but you had try your best and i get it! Not really satisfy being with you all actually. But what to do. Next time for sure we all see you again at Korea okey!

With Pst Isaac. Met and know him since 2005 in SIB Kingfisher.
Very nice, humble,  sometimes funny, and joker person!
Tidak sangka, after a year he back to Korea, finally met him again at Korea!

What a long way! On the way to Korea. If im not mistaken,
i took this picture at 4.30 something in the morning of May 28, 2011.

Just landed at Incheon International Airport of Korea.

Cool face but look very sleepy because cannot sleep in the airoplane.  My head was really  tired!

This is the church. The place that we stay for two days.

With new korean friends; Joseph, yea Chan and the others!
You all was a very nice buddy!

With Joseph. Enjoying the food we bought at the  shop behind us.
I forgot already the name of the food but its was really good taste!

Thank you Pst Sam and family. Even your wife is pregnant, you all still spend your time with us. Thank you so much. Chee Won is 3 years old now. Next time we go there, you sumandak suda barangkali! 

With Pst Sam, Samonim Rachel and their cute daughter! Thank you for being with us.
Now, missing u all again!

Thank you a million to Bae's family for guiding us there. I will not forget what you all had done to us. The last moment we had together was at Incheon Airport. From the bottom of my heart, i was really really sad at the time because i know after we all return to Sabah, we dont know yet exactly the time when we all seeing each other again. That was really super sad! All the moments that we had together will keep remain in my heart. I love you all!

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