Thursday, March 3, 2011

New wife @ Kambawa

Yooo..!! sleepy already?hihi. Noo..not yet.my eyes said! @@. Still got the blues. listening to the oldies song is so good at this time. ONLY YOU from the singers, THE PLATTERS. I love it. Wanna find the song at Family Concept! hoho. Ah ah ah ah ah ah~~~..haha..

By the way, i hope to all bloggers and readers, you are in the good mood, good health, good emotion, and good so on. I need to finish my SKT now actually, but i am so lazy and not enough spirit to do the job. I decide to visit my blog and afterward, will do the SKT. Tomorrow need to submit. 

Ehm, as my previous entry, i was stated that i gonna buy a keyboard. The instrument is highly needed by the fingers of mine. Well, having a piano class should not depend only in the class, but need to practice at home. So, owning the instrument is better to improve the 'walking' of the fingers on the 'pedal' of the piano! My goal was archived last Sunday when i went to the Hollywood and bought.  The promotion price was still on. So, i didn't took a very long thought on that day and immediately asked the shopkeeper to manage the business.

Yippie..having you in life is my pleasure. Welcome to your owner, Will keep you healthy all the time and will put more efforts to master you. Five days living with you is so wonderful. You fill my empty space. No need to press the SPACE key because you are there for me! Even the melodies came out from you was not really nice, but don't worry, i will make you proud of me some day. Hoho..Thank you God for this KAMBAWA


banochezlife said...

WoAahhhh.... wish u will let me put my fingers on top of that black-white bars... kinda amusing! Hihihi

i7teen said...

wow...bole tumudu..heheh