Friday, February 25, 2011

Outing with you.

Hi, today is so wonderful day. I can stay at home peacefully. The weather also so nice. Thank you Sunlight for rising up proudly today. You make me feel so calm with your appearance today.

Today, as i mention in my entry before, this weekend is only my chance to go for outing. Well, after chit-chat with friends, it makes me confidently 'mau bejalan'. The times can be used to berhajima. So, planning to leave maybe at 2.00pm. Still got to do at home. Office dresses still in the washing machine. The kitchen need to keep tidy. The floor need to be broomed. And my lovely hamsters also need to be feed. haha...

Friends, wait for me ya. We meet up this evening and celebrating our nights together!

Bestfriend ever

Bestfriend ever

Playing chicken google with friends -New Year 2007-

geng main badminton d yayasan sabah 2008

miss u lerr..

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