Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi..have a nice dreams to all friends. At this time, you might be in sleep and enjoying your night coolness.  I am still awake at this moment. The watch show 2.05 am. Huh, i still don't want to land my body on bed. I do not know. Probably because i am so fresh after taking bath just now. Actually, after came to home yesterday, i felt so tired and lay down on bed. I read the Cosway Magazine. The reading made me so sleepy and not long after that, i 'die'. Thanks to God, on 10.30pm, i woke up again. hehe. Me, so hungry, then yum2 la after that. haha...

Last Sunday, i went to KK alone. I went there for two main reasons. One was my treatment session and the other one was keyboard. After undergoes the treatment for about 1 hour, i directly went to Karamunsing and park at the fourth floor. I went to Hollywood. Fortunately, the music shop was open.  I came in and looking around. Wah,, the pianos and keyboards were everywhere! haha! I was so excited when i heard the other customers playing the piano so nicely. Huh, i continued my agenda in the shop. Wah, there was promotion price of all the instruments! I look at the piano, wah what the hell, the price was so damn expensive. If i am a rich man, on that time, i bought one for mine but unfortunately i am not. huhu..

Then, i look at the keyboard. The Keyboard price was cheaper than shit piano.haha. Maybe its affordable. hoho. But, i did not decide on that day. I was still in many questions. So, i went back to Kota belud and directly home.

Now, my head is fully thinking about the one name Keyboard. I need this for my piano class. I need immediately practice when i am at home after class. I cannot depend myself only at the class. I need to practice more! i need to achieve at least grade 1 this year. So, if i don't bought one, its hard for me learn fast! In additional, my piano teacher keep encourage me to buy keyboard for myself practice.

Huh, what am i going to do! I am so free this weekend. This is my time to go there maybe..next week and ahead, i may not free.. So, the decision must be this week. The fast the thing here, the fast i learn and the faster i move on..

God, lets hold me in everything i decide!

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