Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Days with PAIN

Hai everybody. Long time not seeing my world here. And February is about to over. Thank you God for keeping me alive until now. You are so kind, taking good care of me everytime and everywhere.

In my life before, i always heard from peoples, that experiencing migraine is very tough time. It is not same with the usual headache which peoples always face. Owwh, is it too pain or how? That the question playing on my head when peoples talking about this. To be honestly, i never experience the pain of migraine before. That is why the question hovering on my mind. But, even i question it, i don't meant it to be in me. I ever praying to God, for not letting this kind of pain happen in me. And God done it !! But this matter actually happen when i was living as a university student that was on 2004-2008. I was leave the life     and i really really miss it!!  Missing u so much friends!I mean it much!! Oppsz, out of topic bebeh! haha

Okey, lets continue the part of migraine. Last week, on 18 February 2011 - 21 February 2011, the word of migraine was attacked me. On the first day, i was not able to did anything. Even walking around, going to class, talking with friends, and  coughing, all in all gave me the pain that i can't describe here. It is very very very hard time for me. When i walking to the class, Oh, only God knows. I felt like i'm going to fall and faint! But i still can manage it by acting cool when meet the teachers and students. Fortunately, i only had one class on that day. So, after that class went, i finish my time by just sitting on my chair. On that free time, i kept silent, talking with no peoples. I felt that the pain really really want to kill me! Oh no! How pain it is! The pain keep 'killing' me on the left side of my head. The pulsation of my blood vessel kept on the fast rate. Sometimes the pain suddenly move to the back side of my head and go back again to my right side of my head. My wish during that time is may the pain gone! but, the pain still made me like 'i dead but still the pulsation on'. Oh how suffer!!!

Other part that i cant forget is, in the situation, a workmate which my boss in one of the field at school, gave me forms and asked me to distribute it to the names written on 3 pieces of papers. Just imagined, 3 pieces of papers!! imagine how many names on it with the font size of 11..!!almost 60 names on it bebeh!! he asked me to distribute and explain to them what they have to do with the form!!! That was so so crazy, you know. He was really wrong time! I show him my 5 sen of face hoping that he will understand my condition, but unfortunately, he wasn't. Then, i told him, im sick, but maybe he thought that my sickness was not serious, he keep asking me to do that job!! Then, with my condition, i did it. But, not all the forms i managed to distribute. Only 3 forms guys! After that, i sat on my chair again and slept on my table! I don't care.......

At 5.35pm on Friday, i stand up and move faster to my car and drove like crazy to home! without taking off my formal office dress, i get 2 tablets of pain killer and piriton and land insufferable on bed. I closed my eyes and slept in that tough pain!! The piriton and pain killer made me 'die' until morning..Thak you God, the pain release and gone on the morning of Saturday. I felt so relieved. But, the health i get on that morning still made me afraid to attend meeting at school. So i decided to stay at home with permission by the penyelia petang. Thank you!

In the evening of the day, i need to send school's CPU (koperasi) to computer shop to be formatted. Im still afraid to go out from home. But i had no other choice. The CPU must be sent to shop. So, i went to 'kuta'. While waiting for the computer to be formatted, i took time for walking around. Uoowh, less than 30 minutes im outside from my car, the migraine seems so happy to come again, and yah!! It was on my head! my God, i went to my car, i parked it to a strategic place and i slept in the car!! Ahh! how pain! About 1 hour later, the shop gave me a call telling me the 'business' was finish. So, i went there immediately and took, and paid the service and then directly went to home.

To be continued! 

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