Friday, February 4, 2011

Sorry January

Hey everybody..what are u doing?hihi. Its 12.11am. though, night still young bha. Im now sitting in front of my sister's desktop. My nephew still watching TV while others slept already. Sleeping late is not a problem for me. But this attitude is not really nice. Ehm, im not on this topic tonight actually.haha!

Im just here because of want to say sorry for January. Haha!! Sorry for not dropping any post. January was a super busy. School session began. So, need to update more table files, RPH, students data and students attendance. Beside that, im also very busy with my choir club. Need a lot of time here. Starting choir this year more easier than last year. Got the experiences how to start already. I didn't need to carry an audition for member selection. Well, i get them already. What i did was, just called and asked them to be at Music Room.

Until now, the practice went as planned. But i need to be more careful about time. I will take their time for 2 hours only that is from 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm. I realize that, they also need the time to finish their homeworks. Cannot be a selfish. By the way, i need to be hurry. The competition will be on April. So, the two songs must be solid before the month.

Thats the busyness came to me. Itu di sikul, belum lagi campur yg peribadi2 punya. adoii! Apapun, thank you God, sebab walaupun bg2, bulan January dapat dilalui dengan sebar dan telah berjaya! Harap bulan2 yang seterusnya dapat juga diharungi dengan tenang!

Gd nite!

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