Friday, February 4, 2011

February_Happy Chinese New Year

Hi..its been a month and didn't drop any post in my entry. Good day to all readers. Pejam celik, pejam celik, we are in February now. Thank you God for giving me chance to feel the life You have gave me. Times, days, weeks and months  pass by, age also gain as them pass by. This year is my 26th years living in your creation Lord. Living in this earth is only once in a life and having 26 years old also once in a life. So, what we can do, let your days feel and enjoy every moment you face.  So do I. Satisfication is unarchived yet. Need mo exploration in life whether with families, friends and job and the most 'big' one is enjoying life with God.

Well, as i wrote this, i wanna take the chance to wish Happy Chinese New Year specifically to my family at Putatan. Hope you all have a very nice celebration. Wait my siblings and me at your home tomorow yah!

2011 is my third years teaching at SMKN, Kota Belud. Thank you God. I was hired as Science and mathematic teacher. Beside that, i also a choir teacher. I dont have any formal education or courses regarding this field. But because of my interest, i join this club to gain more experiences. Being a choir teacher actually need some basics about voice and more than that a  choir teacher also need to know the 'piano'-able to read the score, able to compose songs using sibelius and able to play the piano. As the requirements, i decided to begin learning piano step by step last week. And today was my first class. My class will be every Friday at 10.30am. Stated here that, i am so regretful not to do this 2 years ago as i posted at SMKN. But never mind, just forget it. Apa ble buat la! :)

Below are the photos of my Learning Piano Books!

Grade 1 book.hihi

Sekali buat exercise, mcm syusah ja! haha

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