Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bengkel Seni Tari & Koir, Peringkat Daerah Kota Belud

Hello my dear friends and to bloggers and readers. Good day to everyone. Hope you all enjoy your holiday for those who working as teacher and those who working in the private sector and other departments of government, be happy in the office yaah!

As i mentioned above, now is school holiday actually. yah holiday but..i still at home at my workplace. Planning to go back to my village but seems not today. I'm gonna use my day (i mean today) to go jalan-jalan. So, my planning to balik kampung will be tomorrow.hihi. By the way, before i leave my place (where im sitting now), i take this chance to update my blog fastly.

First of all, thank you God, for being with me all the time, You gave me strength, You prepared me energy. You prepared me high confident level, You gave me the braveness to stand, to talk, to manage along the days. Thank you  so much, dear Lord.

Last week, on 9-11 Mac 2011, SMK Narinang oraganized a Bengkel entitle Seni Tari & Seni Koir. For Tarian, Miss Sailie was the manager. But for the Seni Koir, i am the one who acts as the in-charger. Thank you so much for all choir teachers, Mr Litin & Mrs Jolly and also the music teachers, Mrs Laine, Miss Randy, Mr Yuslan and Mr Nuel. Big thanks to you all because showing up your full commitment during the Bengkel. Without you, the bengkel might not successfull and honestly from the deep down in my heart, i cannot stand alone for that. But, the half of the spirit to implement the event in me actually came from you all. 100% honestly. Thank you so much again!

Saying about the participants (for the seni koir), not bad. Participation quite okey. A total of 54 students was registered and their involvement was very good. The students gave their full committed along the event. No one escape except for the certain reasons. All school in district send their students except SMK pekan 2.

Well, as the event was the very first experience own by me, i am really excited. The bengkel prepared me so many experiences and gave me the chance to learn more about choral. Some from my own reading and most from the teachers that i mentioned above. Even i am from the other field (majoring in chemistry, minoring Biology), I am so happy to learn this thing. One is, perhaps, this is my interest and like to listen to the music/songs. Thinking to further my studies in this field. Hahaha..kononlah..!!

Through discussion, all teachers agreed to stress these topics.

1. Basic of vocal.
2. Bit
3. Pitch and pronunciation.
4. Harmony & Dynamic
5. Expression
6. Conducting
7. Performance Ethics.

All the notes of these topics were prepared by;

1. Basic of vocal, Pitching, Dynamic, Harmony- Mrs Laine & Miss Randy
2. Bit & Conducting - Mr Yuslan & Mr Willfred
3. Expression & Performance Ethics - Mr. Nuel

Thanks to all. Now, we have the notes of all these. I am in process of editing the notes to be combined and will used it as materials for SMKN Choir Club since the club did not have anything material to be shared and taught in the class. Other than that, if there is a chance next time, the difficulty to find the materials will be less. So, the burdens will not as the first time. In other word, it will be more easier for the teachers.

In every slots of the bengkel, teachers taught students a song entitled Kopi Susu. The arrangement of  the S.A.T.B was 'prepared' by Miss Randy. Thanx to Randy @ Ansing, for taking her times to copy the score (taugeh-taugeh).  The result of the song will be shown to you through the video. The melody of the song very simple but really nice. Thumbs up to Miss Randy and Mrs Laine for suggesting the song.

To test and prepare the students in hard moments (in choral), we prepare a list of songs as an assignment. Every groups free to select their song.

1. Sejahtera Malaysia
2. Gelang Si Paku Gelang
3. Di Tanjung Katung
4. Suri Ram Ram

All the groups success to arrange the chosen song and on the last day of the Bengkel, they perform in the hall of SMKN and watched by the teachers and dancers. Hi 5 to you all. You manage to arrange your song by your heart (without score). Well done to you all!

Ehm, the pictures taken along the bengkel still in my memory card and i will share to you some next time in this entry yah. And for the videos, also will be uploaded next time due to the internet line is very weak and slow recently.

Thank you for taking and wasting your time reading my blog..babai...

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