Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prepare (January)

Hi readers. What a long time didn't have any sounds here. It was more than half of the year and finally this is my first posting for 2013.

I have so much things to write here. There are a lot of things was happened to myself since early of this year. But i will coming out to share to you my big event first that was very meaningful to my life.  I want it to be shared and written here so the story will remain here and be my 'smiling face' in the future when i read it. It will not only me, but actually with my love one and also maybe to my generations in the future. 

As i wrote last year, i was engaged to a chosen one who had sharing with the love of us since 2001. That was, during myself in form 4. I thanks to God for putting the love, loyal and faith between us until we both decided to make it more seriously on the engagement day. So, that was the little story about last year. If you are interested to read more story of us, you can browse my entries and find out the one i mention. 

This year, i was going to make it more deeper seriously when the first step i took with her in January. We both went to Center Point and find a bridal to make pre-wedding pictures. After a few time (not long), finally we have chosen Life Bridal as our place to make pre-wedding pictures and as our wedding consultant until the day of our big day. The Life Bridal staff, Miss Teresa was the one who was our consultant. She was pretty, sweet and very friendly. She explained the Chinese New Year offer in detail and done very good explanations and also gave all the information to us early. It was not hard to contact with her because she had a whatsapp and viber. So, i usually get in touch with her through the android application. Thank you Mr Android.

So, after decision made, finally we picked the 3rd of March as our photo shot day. By the way, before the time comes, we needed to get to Life Bridal Shop for the selection of wedding gowns. To be continued....

The writer of this blog.


Davis Maxx said...

then what? I like to read your life events..! :)

Davis Maxx said...

Then what? I liked reading your blog..!