Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Junior


Hi everybody. I wish you all have a very wonderful new year 2014. I thank God for everything He has done in my life, for the blessing rain down on me and my love one. I am also very glad to God for giving my family so many blessing.

As the time goes by, now it is about seven months I am a husband to a wife. Praise to the Lord, after five months married, finally my God once again gave a 'big present'. My wife was confirmed by a doctor in peninsular, carrying a very tiny dot that will grow up to be a baby in my wife's womb. But before the confirmation done by the doctor, my wife did two times the pregnancy test by herself. The first test was displaying double lines which actually showing that my wife was pregnant. But, my wife did not confident the test result because the red line color not so bright. So, she repeat and do the second test and the result showed more brighter than the first one. Oh my goodness! What a happy moment! I cannot describe my feeling at that time. I just kept telling God, that He is very awesome and marvelous. Shouting, yelling and so on hahaha!!The next day, i asked my wife to check in private clinic for the last confirmation before we do announcement to our closed family member. Both of us so excited and so do the rest!

Now, our baby growing up faster and he/she is now 15 weeks age. We are so excited to see the scan pictures of our baby. Both of us cannot wait to see you in this world baby but we will continuously waiting for your presence. It is about six months to go!

Below is our baby picture in womb. My prayer for you, grow up with God's love and wisdom, respect older than you, fear to God, and i pray you will have a success life ahead! I love you!

My dear baby.

God bless you all!

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