Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am in Grade 1 of Learning Piano

Horayyyy!! I am super excited today. Three piano books of beginner was done and i was able to play all the songs in the book. But i need to continue to practice playing the songs. I need to make it more smoother. My teacher said, i need to improve my tempo as well. Finally, my beginner books done! and i was started to play the songs of grade one.

I am a bit slow actually. Because i spent 9 months to finish the three books!While the other can make it only two months! Means, my pick up is slow! haha..But its okey, as long as i can master the skill, its okey for me even its very slow. No worry!

And now,  i am very ' bersemangat' haha. This weekend, i have to go to KK to buy the grade one books and i cannot wait it! hehee

Congratulation to me!!!

Bye bye STEP 3, Hello Grade 1
Yo goo!!!

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