Monday, August 8, 2011

For the first time in our times together

Have a nice day and night peoples. Yesterday was so relax at school. I just have one class. And my teaching goes well. Today, i again refreshed by my own words. In the class, i was a bit angry to the some students in the class because they making noise while i was talking, explaining the topics. So because of that, i get angry and talked 'cuci telinga' to the students. When i think back, yeah i realize that its been a long time i did not delivered any motivation words to my students. I talked a lot and my own words refresh myself. Ehm, i was so happy too, because all the students became good and no more noisy. They listened my explanation carefully and i like it so much! I don't care their mind flying to the other place as long as their eyes looking at me and their ear listening to me. Well done! :)

Yesterday also, the house agent came to my school again. He purposely came and want to meet me because he forget to give the form. This matter also resulted me 'sakit kapala'. Even the decision was made, but the anxiety still annoying me. Whatever it is, I just leave this to my God to handle the rest. I just hope that all the ''bisnes' went smoothly and well.

Yesterday also, after return to home from school, i text my darling from 6.00pm until now, 12.37 am. So many things was shared between us. And you know, i shocked a lot when she, for the first time talking firstly about marriage. Wah, I am really shocked. And i am even more shocked when she asked me to settle our relationship. I mean, she wanted to be with me in a very serious relationship and she asked that thing next year, that is before she go back to Penang for the final semester assessment in her dental course. Yes i do understand why she asked me that matter so rush. And now, i started to think it because she was talking that matter very damn seriously. I think I'm not ready yet. How about you readers, have u been in this kind of situation? I know some of you have been through this thing and for those of you that never come to this matter yet, ya sure you will face it when your times come. God, help me, guide me in this matter. Please prepare me a bright way so that the things happen is your will. I know you are hearing me. Tq God..

Whatever it is now, i will just leave it to my God for He is knowing more!

Gd nite!

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